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To know more about rimless toilet

Rimless toilets are very popular right now and are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners because this type of toilet is very easy to clean, maintain and provides a fairly high level of hygiene. A rear-mounted valve is used to push water horizontally along the sides into the toilet bowl. In the case of a rimless toilet, waste cannot get stuck or even enter because there are no hidden gaps.

If you’re considering switching to a rimless toilet, here’s what you need to know to make the best decision:

What exactly is a rimless toilet?

Like many daily-use products around the world, there are quite a few trends emerging in bathroom products, and rimless toilets are certainly an important part of the bathroom trends you need to keep up with. For a long time, toilets had traditional style rims. Basically, a rimless toilet does not have these rims, which is contrary to the traditional idea of toilets. When you flush with a rimless toilet, you’ll be surprised to know that water doesn’t flow around the rim and into the bowl. “So how does it work?”, you may be thinking; rimless toilets use direct flush technology where water is sprayed from the rim of the toilet bowl. This makes it perfect for easy cleaning!

Rimless wall hung toilet

Benefits of having a rimless toilet

– As hygienic as possible

While regular toilets certainly serve hygienic purposes, the rimless water closet is a step ahead in this regard, with a design and functionality that takes hygiene to the next level. So not only will you find it easier to clean than a regular toilet, but it’s also more hygienic. As mentioned before, cleaning the rim of a standard toilet is very difficult, therefore, this leaves room for unhygienic elements to form; bacteria and scale.

Of course, rimless toilets do not have this negative possibility and are hygienically superior compared to standard toilets. As mentioned earlier, most rimless toilets use direct flush technology, which allows for careful cleaning of the toilet bowl more effectively than a standard toilet. Experience a cleaner toilet every time you flush!

Rimless flushing toilet

– Save water every day

Now you know that rimless toilets are better than regular toilets when it comes to cleaning. However, what may surprise you is that the Rim-Free toilet’s flushing technology not only ensures more efficient cleaning, but also uses significantly less water than a standard toilet. At FOHOME we believe in making the bathroom a greener space, and our rimless toilets will help you do your part in building a greener tomorrow. Also, congratulations in advance on your lower water bill after installing a rimless toilet!

– Experience truly effortless cleaning

With a traditional toilet, the rim cleaning process can often become very tedious and unpleasant. Since the size of the rim is quite small, having to use a brush or even a sponge to clean it is cumbersome. Then you decide to use a toothbrush for the task, but you still feel like you can’t clean the toilet rim carefully. Now you may think that using bleach will do the job, but in the end you still won’t be satisfied with the level of cleaning you can achieve on your rims.

Now imagine how amazing it would be if there were no rims at all! That’s the joy of a rimless toilet because you can make it squeaky clean with just one swipe. Whatever you’re cleaning will be completely visible to you, and you can now say goodbye to using a toilet brush!

Rimless two piece toilet

Install a rimless toilet

The installation of a rimless toilet is similar to a traditional toilet, so you don’t have to worry about any extra work. Remember, your rimless toilet can be a one-piece toilet, a wall-mounted toilet, or an extended wall-mounted toilet. While dual-flush cisterns often come with an integrated rimless toilet, if you plan on installing a wall-mounted rimless toilet in your bathroom, you’ll most likely need to purchase it separately.

So be it! We hope you can now make a more informed decision about switching to a rimless toilet and taking your bathroom to the next level!