FOHOME Technology

Double-Shift Water Outlet: the design of 3/4.5L double-shift water outlet not only ensures the thorough cleaning, but also water-saving.

Rimless Toilet: traditional flush rims attract germs, dirt and deposits. Fohome Rimless Toilet is designed entirely without a flush rim. Therefore, there are no hidden, hard-to-reach places where bacteria can build up and odor can develop.

Soft Close Seat Cover: damper is installed, it can reduce the noise of collision when the seat cover is closed.

Easy-to-clean Glazing: the surface of porcelain glaze is so greatly smooth that it is easy to clean and has no hidden, hard-to-reach places where bacteria can build up.

Whole-sewer Glazing: the inner surface of the sewer is completely glazed so that the flush is very fast and clean, without any blockage.

Easy assembly and disassembly: the design of easy assembly and disassembly is excellent. A slight twist can ensure the toilet is easy to clean.

Flushing System




Fohome toilet is taking two things that already exist and put them together in a new way – the Tornado XL flushing. An unique rim design & flushing system that enables a good transportation of wastes with minimum water consumption and replaced 100% of trapped water every cycle. In addition, the porcelain is fired at a high temperature of 1280°C to ensure its hardness and applied a special glazing formula to protect the WC surface from scratches and it is easy to maintain too.
Tornado flushing


Huge saving of water e highest hygiene for a simple cleaning: these are the innovative RIMLESS system results. The water enters dynamically and spreads in a uniform way on the entire surface. With no-rim system the pan can be cleaned with greater strength and without splashing, ensuring a performing sanitary ware over the time.
1.Hygiene is built-in
Hard-to-reach areas of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for germs to hide.Without this rim and with the advanced flushing system washing those germs away, rimless toilets provide a more hygienic day-to-day experience.

2.Easy to Clean
Rimless toilets are quick and easy to clean because those tricky nooks aren’t there for grime and germs to build up.
rimless toilet
3.Superior flushing Rimless toilets use a direct flushing system which distributes water around the pan more effectively. The flush is powerful and covers 360º of both bowl sides uniformly. This means that each flush is more efficient.
Tornado flushing