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Why Choosing Short Projection Toilet

Short projection toilets are the perfect space saving solution for small bathrooms. Choose the perfect short projection toilet that will elevate your bathroom design and improve navigation around your bathroom.

Everything You Need to Know About Short Projection Toilets 

Short projection toilets are a great space saving solution that can make a huge impact in smaller sized bathrooms. From modern to traditional, you will find the perfect style of short projection toilet that will elevate your bathroom design.

If your bathroom is lacking in floor space and making navigation difficult, adding a short projection toilet is a great way to open up that precious floor space and make you bathroom feel much more open and spacious.

What is a short projection toilet?

A short projection toilet, also known as a low depth toilet, features a shorter pan depth. This means that the toilet takes up less space in your bathroom which makes them the ideal choice for small bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms.

rimless washdown close couple toilet 

F6325 Compact Toilet is the shortest projection toilet that is available in the UK. This sleek and modern toilet is the ultimate space saving design that will effectively open up floor space and make your bathroom feel much bigger. This is the ultimate short projection toilet that will make a huge difference to small and cramped bathrooms.

The impressive space saving design on F6325 Compact Toilet makes this toilet the best option for small or awkwardly shaped cloakrooms or tiny en-suites that can be difficult to navigate.

Short projection toilets for you

When it comes to choosing a short projection toilet, you may be unsure what to look for. That is why we’ve shared our top 5 short projections toilets that will open up floor space while elevating your bathroom design.

BTW Close Coupled Toilet

BTW Close Coupled Toilet

F6151 BTW Close Coupled Toilet is a sleek and compact toilet that provides a space saving design in an attractive and modern style. This short projection toilet also features a close coupled design, which means this toilet will save even more space in your bathroom. We also have to mention the rimless design on this toilet which makes it much more hygienic and easy to clean.

Compact Toilet

Compact Toilet

If you are looking for a neat and modern toilet with a short projection design, Compact Toilet is a great choice. The semi flush to wall design on this low depth toilet also conceals unsightly pipework and makes it much easier to clean.

Euro Compact Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

Euro Compact Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are great at opening up the floor space in your bathroom, and with the F4103 Compact Rimless Wall Hung Toilet you get the best of both worlds with the wall hung and short projection design that will make your bathroom feel more modern and spacious.

Square Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

Square Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

Square Rimless Close Coupled Toilet is designed with minimalism in mind. This minimalistic design would look great in contemporary bathrooms. This compact close coupled toilet projects just 608mm from the wall making it a great space saving solution for smaller bathrooms.

Smart Toilet with Bidet Wash Function, Heated Seat + Dryer

Smart Toilet with Bidet

Smart toilets make a great addition to modern bathrooms, and there is no reason why you cannot feature one in your smaller sized bathroom. The Smart Toilet with Bidet Wash Function, Heated Seat + Dryer is a smart toilet that also features a short projection design, which makes it the perfect toilet for small bathrooms or cloakrooms.