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Dual Flush Toilets: Why You Need One ?

With more and more of us finally becoming eco-conscious, modern dual flush toilets are a great way to cut down water usage and save energy.

If you’re anything like us at Victorian Plumbing HQ, you’ll have been putting more thought into being that bit more environmentally friendly.

Shallow baths, shorter showers and taps off when brushing teeth. All of these little habits go some way to saving substantial amounts of precious water, as well as the energy it takes to provide it.

However, most of us pay very little attention to another thirsty bathroom fitting; the toilet.

Yes, you read that correctly. The common household toilet is one of the main offenders when it comes to water wastage.

If your toilet isn’t a dual flush toilet, that hygienic flush after every bathroom visit could be using up to 13 litres of water every single time that you activate it.

Assuming everyone visits the bathroom more than once, this could quickly result in an average toilet using in excess of 100 litres of water per day for a family of four.

This quickly adds up to a startling amount of water and could even be having an impact on your water bill!

Luckily, there’s a simple way to significantly improve the efficiency of your toilet.

What is a dual flush toilet?

Simply put, dual flush toilets are the same as regular toilets but with an innovative dual flush valve installed which gives the option of a full flush or a half flush. Giving you the option to choose the flush that you best see fit, allowing you to use half the amount of water wherever possible.

The Benefits of Dual Flush Valves

There are a number of benefits to owning a dual flush toilet which will really make your investment all the worth while.

  • Dual flush valves can substantially cut your water use by using just enough water to adequately flush your toilet. This is achieved by allowing you to choose whether to use a full flush or a half flush. Which means that you will only use 3 litres of water instead of 6!
  • Using half the amount of water when you flush can help to bring down the water usage in your home, which can really help to improve your environmental impact.
  • Another benefit to a dual flush toilet is that you will notice that your water bills will be lower. A toilet uses the most amount of water in your home, therefore using less water will see an impact on your water bills.
  • Unlike a standard toilet which relies on a pressure syphoning system to carry out a full flush, a dual flush toilet typically relies on gravity. This design means that the toilet is less likely to become blocked, meaning you won’t be seeing much of that dreaded plunger.

Do I Already Have A Dual Flush Toilet?


Many of you may actually own a dual flush cistern or dual flush toilet already without knowing about it! If your toilet was installed within the last 20 years, chances are it is a dual flush toilet.

How can you tell? If your toilet’s flush push button has two options or can be flushed by lifting its handle up as well as pushing down, it’s highly likely you’re dual flush ready! If not, read on for a look at our favourite dual flush toilets.

Our Top 4 Dual Flush Toilets:

To make your search for a dual flush toilet that bit easier, we’ve put together the following list, with highly-rated options to suit both modern and traditional bathrooms:

1.Close Coupled Modern Toilet

Simple without being simplistic, The F6325 Close Coupled Modern Toilet + Soft Close Seat an ideal option for anyone seeking to achieve a minimalist bathroom look.

Sleek, compact and in a sparkling gloss white finish. F6325 Close Coupled Modern toilet is a distinctive dual flush option for the modern bathroom.

As close coupled toilet, F6325 dual flush cistern is attached to the bowl to create a space-saving, seamless look. Its built-in dual flush valve allows you to choose between a half flush of 4 litres and a full flush of 6 litres.

2.Close Coupled Traditional Toilet

Prefer a retro-inspired look? Classical dual flush toilet could be the one for you. With its traditional curved design and lever cistern, it certainly looks like it predates its efficient dual flush tech.

A classic in every sense of the word, the Close Coupled Traditional Toilet keeps its modern valve discreet.

Now, you may be wondering how to choose between flushes with a standard lever? For a half flush of 3 litres, push the lever up. For a full flush of 6 litres, pull it down. Simple! For added practicality, the toilet is coated in Glaze; a unique anti-bacterial glaze that helps make cleaning easier.

3.Twyford Bottom Outlet Close Coupled Toilet

A highly unique option, this Twyford Alcona dual flush toilet effortlessly blends modern and traditional style cues. A stylish choice for contemporary bathrooms, the F6106H-2 durable vitreous china build makes it suitable for use in commercial applications too.

Twyford’s toilet is as stylish as it is rugged, making it great for use in hotels as well as homes.

One of our most eco-friendly dual flush toilets, with a half flush of 2.6 litres and a full flush of 4 litres, the uses a remarkable 60% less water when compared with traditional single flush toilets. All the while maintaining excellent flushing power.

4.Combined Two-In-One Wash Basin + Toilet

Bathroom tight on space? Need a slimline option for a cloakroom or ensuite?  The Combined Two-In-One Wash Basin + Toilet integrates a fully functional washbasin to really make the most of limited room.

The combined toilet boasts a push-button activated dual flush valve, with a half flush of 3 litres and a full flush of 6 litres. The quirky toilet also reuses water from the washbasin to fill the toilet’s cistern, reducing water usage even further!

So there you have it, we hope that our little guide has shown you how much of an impact a dual flush valve can have on your water wastage.

Replacing a tired old toilet with one of these is a pain-free way of doing your bit for the environment, while potentially cutting water bills too.

If you’re interested in making your bathroom even more eco-friendly, pls contact us.




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