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Nigeria imports big quanity of sanitary ware from China.

Nigeria sanitaryware market

What is the situation of Nigeria importing sanitary ware from China? China is the first importer of Nigeria sanitary ware.

As the most populous country in Africa and the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is currently facing many problems, but with its huge market potential and numerous market opportunities, it attracts more and more foreigners who come to do business in Nigeria. Among them, Agric Market, an important sanitary building material product distribution center in the northern part of Lagos Port, Nigeria, has gathered a large number of sanitary building materials, such as ceramic tiles, faucets, wash basins and toilets.

In the past few years, new products such as smart toilets have gradually been in large demand among the elite. The high disposable income of local consumers, the growing demand for luxury goods and high-quality household products, and the increasing popularity of smart household products have brought positive impetus to the growth of the sanitary ware market.

At the same time, with the increasing demand for the design, color, brand, and size of sanitary products, the size of the sanitary ware market continues to expand. Coupled with the increase in infrastructure in Nigeria, the increase in health and hygiene awareness and the supply of abundant raw materials are driving the growth of the market for products such as toilets and bathtubs. In addition, factors such as rapid urbanization, branded products and strong alternative demand have also contributed to the growth of the sanitary ware market in Nigeria.

The most popular sanitary ware brands in Nigeria are A&G, Nismad, Sweethome, Twyford, Virony.

Due to the lack of basic production facility infrastructure and production environment in Nigeria, Nigeria’s local sanitary tile manufacturer CDK Integrated Industries Ltd has greatly reduced its production capacity. However, due to lack of infrastructure, products cannot be produced at low cost. This has led Nigeria to rely mainly on imported products. Most of the ceramic products of the local online home furnishing website newcoolmex are CDKs.

Popular kitchen and bathroom brands in Nigeria: VitrA, Ariston, Creavit, Legrand, Kale

Some global brands represented by Nigerian authorized distributors in Nigeria include: Twyford, G-fairlyne, Imex, Vado, Geberit, Paris, Radof, Ideal Standard U.K, Imperial, etc. For example, according to the allegedly ranked number one online home shopping mall in Nigeria, the washbasins are mainly round and other traditional styles, and the basin faucets are mainly old style faucets, and there are also jacuzzis, steam rooms, etc.

washdown two piece toilet LUXURY SANITARYWARE two piece wc

The types of toilets can be roughly divided into ordinary toilets and smart toilets. The market share of ordinary toilets is 95.13%, but it accounts for 48.08% of the total market revenue. According to customs data, China exported 0764 sanitary ceramics to Nigeria in the first eight months of 2020, with a total export value of 220 million US dollars. Products exported to Nigeria must pass SONCAP certification. SONCAP needs to carry out a two-step legally necessary certification process for product quality to ensure that the product meets the relevant specific standards. The first step is PC product certification. Only applicable to the first export of a certain category of controlled products to Nigeria. Submit information to the office of Nigeria’s National Bureau of Standards in your country: E-mark certification (DOT certificate) or factory product test report that has passed ISO16949 system certification/Failed to pass the system certification can be re-compliant, ISO17025 laboratories are conducted in accordance with European standards Submit test reports, brand registration certificates, product pictures, etc. The second step is SONCAP compulsory certification, which is applicable to a certain batch of pre-shipment cargo. Submit the information to the office of the Nigerian National Bureau of Standards in your country: a copy of the PC, a copy of the final commercial invoice, and a packing list.