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Advantage and disadvantage of ways to place a logo

Nowadays, more and more customers are asking for custom logos on their sanitary ware, which is undoubtedly a good way to develop their own brand. They will be placed on toilets, basinsbidets,seat covers and other products.Notonly on the ceramics, but also on the carton boxes. There are many ways to place logo on ceramics. Let me show three common ways and their advantages and disadvantages:

NO.1 Screen printing:


Wide range of applications: Screen printing can be printed on ceramic products of various shapes.Rich color: can print a variety of colors, and can achieve the ideal color effect through color mixing.

Large printing thickness: The ink layer thickness of screen printing is high.It can form an obvious trademark logo on the ceramic surface.

Good durability: screen printing ink has good durability, not easy to fade or fall off.


High cost of plate making: need to produce screen plate, plate making cost is high.

Limited printing accuracy: Due to the principle of screen printing, printing accuracy is limited to a certain extent and cannot achieve high definition.

Slow printing speed: screen printing speed is relatively slow, not suitable for mass production.

NO.2 Heat transfer printing:


Good printing effect: thermal transfer can obtain high-definition trademark patterns, bright colors and lifelike.

Wide range of applications: can be printed on a variety of materials, including ceramics.

Good durability: the heat transfer ink is resistant to water, oil, scratch, and is not easy to fall off and fade.

Strong customizability: Different trademark patterns can be customized according to customer needs.


High manufacturing costs: need to use heat transfer paper and heat transfer machine, high manufacturing costs.

Limitations on materials: Not all ceramic materials are suitable for thermal transfer, and some materials may not be able to attach ink.

High requirements for operation: it is necessary to grasp the correct heat transfer temperature and pressure, otherwise there may be color inequality.

Logo on toilet tank

NO.3 Laser engraving:


High precision: Laser engraving can achieve high definition trademark patterns with high resolution.

Wide range of application: can be carved on a variety of materials, including ceramics, glass and other hard materials.

Fast speed: laser engraving speed is fast, suitable for mass production.

Strong artistic: laser engraving can form a variety of styles of trademark patterns, artistic.


High equipment cost: laser engraving equipment cost is high, large investment.

There are limitations on materials: Not all ceramic materials are suitable for laser engraving, and some materials may have a lower absorption rate for laser.

High requirements for operation: need to master the correct laser power and engraving depth, otherwise there may be problems such as ablation or incomplete engraving.

Laser logo on toilet tank cover

To sum up, here are there ways to place trademarks on ceramics. Each method has its unique advantages and disadvantages. And choice of which method depends on the actual situation.

If the clarity and speed requirements are high, you can choose laser engraving; To print a large area and require bright colors and good durability, you can choose thermal transfer printing; For a simple logo or label, you can choose a relatively simple way. It should be noted that no matter which way you choose to place the trademark, you should ensure quality and legitimacy of the trademark. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to durability and durability. To ensure that the trademark is not easy to fall off or fade during use.