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Toilets favoured by European countries

Toilet preferences vary across different European countries, reflecting a combination of cultural, historical, and technological factors. While the basic functionality of toilets is common, design, features, and additional fixtures may differ. Here’s an overview of how toilet preferences differ across various European countries:

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom predominantly uses flush toilets with a cistern and a separate toilet bowl. Dual-flush toilets are common to promote water conservation, allowing users to choose between a full flush for solid waste and a reduced flush for liquid waste.Wall-mounted toilets and concealed cisterns are also popular for their modern and space-saving designs.


Similar to the UK, France primarily uses flush toilets. French toilets typically have a larger trap way, which may differ from toilets in other European countries.Bidets are quite common in French bathrooms, and combined bidet-toilet fixtures are gaining popularity.


Germany generally uses modern flush toilets with dual-flush systems. Eco-friendly and water-saving features are emphasized.In some German households, especially in older buildings, you may find separate toilet rooms with the toilet bowl in one room and the cistern in another, connected by a pipe.

bathroom toilet and bidet set


Italy is known for its bidet culture, and bidets are commonly found in Italian bathrooms. The bidet is often a separate fixture next to the toilet.Traditional flush toilets are also used, but the bidet is considered an essential part of personal hygiene.


Spain follows a similar trend to Italy, with a preference for bidets. Bidet fixtures or bidet-toilet combinations are standard in Spanish bathrooms.Flush toilets are, of course, widely used, and there is an increasing focus on water-saving technologies.


Sweden places a strong emphasis on sustainability, and water-saving toilets are popular. Dual-flush systems are common.Composting toilets are gaining popularity in some eco conscious communities and rural areas.


The Netherlands favors modern flush toilets with water-saving features. Dual-flush systems are widely used.In some public places and homes, you may find urinals as a water-saving measure.


Switzerland generally uses standard flush toilets, with a focus on water efficiency. Dual-flush toilets are common.High-tech toilets with features like heated seats and bidet functions are becoming more popular in upscale homes and hotels.

bathroom ceramic bidet


Denmark, like other Nordic countries, prioritizes eco-friendly and water-saving toilets. Dual-flush toilets are standard.There is a growing interest in smart toilets with advanced features.


Norway follows a similar trend to Denmark, with a preference for environmentally friendly toilets. Dual-flush systems are widely adopted.Composting toilets are gaining popularity in rural and off-grid areas.


Greece typically uses standard flush toilets, with an increasing focus on water-saving technologies.Bidets are less common compared to some Southern European countries but may still be found in some households.


Portugal primarily uses flush toilets, and there is a growing awareness of water conservation.Bidets are commonly found in Portuguese bathrooms, and bidet-toilet combinations are becoming more prevalent.


Austria favors modern flush toilets with dual-flush systems to promote water efficiency.High-quality and design-conscious toilets are popular in upscale homes and hotels.

bathroom smart toilet


Belgium follows the general European trend with standard flush toilets, often equipped with dual-flush systems.Bidets are less common but can be found in some homes.


Ireland primarily uses standard flush toilets with a focus on water conservation. Dual-flush systems are standard.Traditional toilets with high tanks are sometimes found in older homes.

In summary, while flush toilets are the norm in European countries, there are variations in design, features, and additional fixtures like bidets. The increasing emphasis on water conservation and sustainability is influencing the adoption of dual-flush systems and other eco-friendly technologies across the continent. Cultural factors, building designs, and individual preferences also play a role in toilet choices.

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