Toilet seat covers are an essential bathroom accessory. At Fohome, it comes with complete categories of products fulfilling different demand from the market, including regular toilet seats, printed toilet seats, care line toilet seats , and bidet seats. And the products can pass the strict CE standard tested by TUV and SGS. Fohome has complete production procedures from tooling, compression molding, polishing, assembly, till to packaging. To ensure no defected products to get to customers, Fohome has a very strict process of quality control, including 100% soft close down test, color difference test,
Pressure test and etc. Our market has covered wide areas of Europe, America, Oceania, Middle-East, and South-East of Asia. Among them, Europe is the biggest market. We welcome customers from all over the world. services with utmost efforts. With continuous efforts of Fohome team, so far a complete range of toilet seats can be offered:
By shape: Universal shape toilet seats/ D shape toilet seats/Square shape toilet seats/Oval shape toilet seats.
By hinge system: One push button quick release and soft close toilet seats/Two push button quick release and soft close toilet seats/Tool-aided easy release and soft close toilet seats / Standard soft close toilet seats / Standard normal close toilet seats / Smart normal close toilet seats/ Economical soft close toilet seats/ Luxury soft close and quick release toilet seats.
By service target:Family use toilet seats / Public toilet seats/ Special needs toilet seats.
By color (colored toilet seats):White toilet seats cover/black toilet seat covers.
To find a professional partner on Sanitarywares and toilet seats Cover, Fohome is the best choice for you!

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