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Keep a super bathroom this Monsoon

Every season has its own beauty. Summer brings light to our lives and winter brings us the season of love. Monsoon brings the beauty of drizzle and saves us from the hot season. But during the monsoon season, the warmth remains. Cleanliness and sanitation are equally difficult.

In another case – the monsoons, the smell, the humidity, the dampness… the pain? If you are feeling this way during the monsoon season, then we have good news for you. Follow these simple tips to keep your restroom looking fresh!

A super bathroom

Keep mat dry

Bathroom mats are always the dirtiest because when you come back from outside, the first place you go is the bathroom. When you step out after taking a shower, the bathroom mat will also get wet. Naturally, it smells. So, during the rainy season, replace your cloth mats with plastic or rubber mats as they absorb water and dry out easily.

Keep bathrooms free from moisture

Your bathroom walls tend to be damp from accumulated moisture. Maintain a daily routine of cleaning walls and bathroom fixtures. Clean your restroom with disinfectant and then spray it with room freshener.

Keep your bathroom safe

Due to frequent or heavy rain, sometimes you will notice water seepage on the walls or ceiling. It is wise to check all electrical sockets and wires in the walls every rainy season to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Keep your restroom bug-free

Cover your bathroom windows with mesh or mesh to strictly keep out pesky insects and bugs during the rainy season and keep your bathroom hygienic.

maintain good ventilation

Keep restrooms well ventilated

You have to check it from time to time. If the bathroom smells bad or moisture accumulates, even after each use of the bathroom, keep exhausting for a while and open doors and windows to ventilate.

Don’t wear dirty clothes

Try to avoid placing your used wet clothes on hooks or towel racks in the bathroom. Not only does it add moisture, but it also creates a bad smell.

Keep Bathroom Drawers Fresh

Bathroom drawers or shelves can also smell due to the accumulation of dust and moisture in the corners. Use naphthalene or camphor to make these corners smell fresh. Naphthalene and camphor also absorb moisture. You can even put a plant in the bathroom to bring some freshness.

Bathroom cleaning

Don’t be careless with necessary cleaning care​​

“Mold at home during the rainy season is not only reflected in the moisture in the furniture, but also mold or rust on the sanitary ware and appliances. The best way to prevent moisture and mildew is to do regular cleaning and care.”

In the process of home decoration, many Decoration designers will come up with some plans for bathroom moisture-proof measures: making a waterproof layer when laying wall, floor tiles, and stone materials, using micro-porous aluminum gussets for ceilings, and applying waterproof coatings or preservatives to hidden wooden materials; but this is very difficult.

Owners should be reminded to perform regular care on ceramic sanitary ware, stainless steel and other hardware (shower heads, faucets, etc.) in the bathroom. “Toothpaste and toothbrush are the best tools for removing stains. They have low friction but excellent cleaning effect. They will not destroy the protective film on these sanitary ware and effectively prevent mildew.