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How well do you know your toilet?

The toilet is not only the most important part of the bathroom, it’s also one of the most fun! This is because it elegantly fulfills its primary function of hygiene while subtly reflecting the brilliance behind its design and engineering. Different types of water closet do exist, and some parts of the inodoro have definitely undergone a transformation, but most toilets still have their basic parts intact, thanks to proven functionality over the years.

It is important to understand the various parts of a compact wc as this will go a long way in cleaning and maintaining it properly. Understanding the various parts of a toilet can also play a useful role in solving some common problems and even when installing the toilet.

Here are the toilet parts you should know:

Waste eliminatorToilet bowl

A toilet is essentially a large base that users sit on to use the toilet. All waste is put into a hole, which may be round or rectangular. Toilet bowls are made of a waterproof material called vitreous china, which helps prevent stains. You’ll also find a c-shaped trap in the bowl from which waste can be carried away. Another function of this trap is to retain a small amount of fresh water as a barrier, ensuring sewer stench is suppressed and making your home odor-free.

Toilet flushing

 The leakage preventer  Sealing ring

This can be a gasket, a rubber O-ring, or even a wax gasket that sits between the top of the toilet and the bottom of the toilet tank. Also known as a tank o-ring seal in some parts of the world, its primary function is to ensure that water does not leak out of the toilet tank.

If your toilet is leaking above the bowl but below the tank, you can be sure it’s most likely due to a damaged or improperly installed o-ring seal. An easy way to solve this problem is to dump all the water out of the tank, then remove the tank and replace the old one with a brand new Mark washer.

Sealing ring

-Water Guardian-Toilet Water Tank

In most standard toilets, the toilet tank is essentially an integral part of the toilet that safely stores water for flushing waste down the toilet. The toilet tank is fixed to the upper part of the toilet, above the toilet bowl. Remember, this is a standard toilet. As mentioned before, there are different types of toilets in the modern world and although the toilet tank is an integral part of the toilet, it is usually hidden behind the wall in case of wall hung toilets.

-Waste removal route-Floor flange

A floor flange is a bracket made of plastic or round metal that connects the sewer pipe to the bottom of the toilet. Floor flanges, also known as closet flanges, must be securely fastened to the floor with the help of screws and bolts. T-bolts are used to connect the floor flange to the toilet. One of the most common causes of a toilet bottom leak is a cracked flange. To fix this problem, all you have to do is dismantle the toilet and replace the damaged flange with a brand new one.Once done, just put the toilet back in its original position.

Wax ring

Water manager float

As the name suggests, a toilet float is a round ball made of plastic or aluminum that manages the water level in the toilet tank. This is because the floats on the toilet are buoyant enough that they can float in the water in the toilet tank. If you notice that water is still flowing after the tank is filled, or the tank is not completely filled, it’s time to install a new toilet float.

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