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Advantages of a wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilet is a new type of toilet. Its appearance is more beautiful and simple than ordinary toilets. It is a new landscape of toilets. The hanging toilet, hence the name implies, is a toilet hung on the wall. It is also called a hanging toilet or a wall-mounted toilet.A wall hung toilet is for us the toilet that combines design, functionality and ease of maintenance.It is combined with a concealed water tank to become a complete toilet. This type of toilet is commonly found in developed countries in Europe. It has been used for more than 30 years and it has gradually become popular in some other countries in recent years. Some medium and high-end buildings Both buildings and buildings have adopted hanging toilets, showing extraordinary quality and fashion. In this article we would like to share with you 5 advantages of owning a suspended toilet.

                                                    A simple hanging toilet enhances the comfort of the bathroom

NO.1 Wall hung toilet save space

The hanging toilet can be hung on the wall and is not in direct contact with the ground, which can save space and is suitable for small units or bathrooms with limited space.Attached to the wall – resulting in zero contact with the floor, wall-hung bathroom ceramics has concealed cisterns and installation frames hidden behind the wall resulting in a reduced outward projection. Streamlining the aesthetic of the bathroom as well as delivering acoustic benefits – by opting for a wall-hung toilet you will eliminate the clutter of conventional toilets which take up floor area and create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

                                                                            Wall hanging toilets are space-saving

NO.2 Wall hung toilet easy To clean

This is possibly the biggest benefit that a wall mounted toilet showcases. The toilet pan is elevated from the floor which allows you to clean around and underneath the toilet with ease. When compared to a traditional toilet, there are no tight spaces where dust and dirt can build up. Not easy to accumulate dirt and bacteria, which is conducive to maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom. This means that you will not need to bend down and can instead simply use a mop. Additionally, there is no sealant securing the toilet to the ground that could discolour over time. A wall hung toilet can stand the tests of time with minimal effort.

                                                                     Hanging toilet easy to clean, no dead corners

NO.3 Water and noise savings

Many hidden cisterns come with an adjustable flush volume, so you can choose how much water you want to use.Opting for wall-hung toilet solution is a sure-fired way to reduced sanitary sound in any washroom.The water tank and pipeline of the hanging toilet are installed in the wall, which is good in sealing. Raising the toilet off the ground stops noise travelling directly from the toilet pan to the floor and makes less noise when flushing, especially for bedrooms or night use where quiet rest is needed.

                                                                            Suspended toilet flushes less noisily

NO.4 Modern style

Wall hung toilets are often seen as futuristic and stylish. We can see why they are looked to as a great addition to contemporary bathroom designs. Wall hung toilets have a unique look and when they are teamed with a beautiful bathroom design they do not fail to impress. Its clean shapes and its diversity in terms of colors and designs explain its charm. So wall-hung toilet is undoubtedly the most aesthetic toilet.In addition, the aesthetic part of this toilet is partly due to the fact that its functional part is recessed and therefore not visible. Only the toilet bowl and the flush button are visible and that gives a very modern look to your bathroom.

                                                                      Modern design of toilet adds luxury to bathroom

NO.5 Strength & Durability

Wall-hung toilet is built to last. Contrary to popular belief, wall-hung solutions can withstand a weight of up to 400kg – which is the equivalent of a full grown polar bear. We don’t recommend purposely applying too much force to it but we have yet to come across a wall hung toilet that has been broken off the wall. In commercial environments such as shopping centers you will find that many of the public bathrooms have wall mounted toilets installed in them. This is not just because they look good. A properly installed wall mounted toilet is built to be sturdy. As we have previously stated, ensure you find a bathroom fitter than you can rely on. An experienced plumber will know exactly how to install the toilet so that you have nothing to worry about. Once installed, wall-hung solutions have been cleverly designed for maintenance as the cistern can be easily accessed by simply removing the flush plate.

                                                                       Hanging toilet has a strong load-bearing capacity

In short, the hanging toilet has the advantages of space saving, easy cleaning, water and noise savings, fashion and beautiful appearance, and excellent strength & durability .

If you were considering a wall-mounted toilet we hope that this article has provided you with all the information you need to make your choice. If you want to view more wall hung options then take a look at our wide selection of wall hung toilets. Fohome Sanitary Ware stock many styles as well as bundles to make the shopping process simpler.